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By Laws and Board of Directors

By Laws

Article I

The name of the organization will be the Western Mass Runners Hall of Fame. 

Article II

The Western Mass Runner’s Hall of Fame seeks to recognize those individuals and teams that have made significant contributions to the sport of running and the running community in Western Massachusetts.

Article III

“Western Mass” is defined as the geographical region in Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties.​

Article IV

Western Mass Runners hall of Fame is a non-profit organization, and any revenues is collects of disburses shall be used for the sole purpose of the stated purpose.  It is in process of being established as a corporation and will establish 501c3 status.​

Article V

Section I—Board Members: The Western Mass Runners Hall of Fame Board of Directors (BOD) will consist of up to 7 people. Every effort will be made to have board member representation from each of the 4 counties in Western Massachusetts.  Members will serve a 3-year term and can serve more than one term if nominated on, voted on and elected by the BOD. Founding board members may be split into two and three-year staggered terms to ensure continuity to assure the spirit of the founding continues.​

Section II—Officers: The BOD annually shall elect a president, Vice President, Treasurer, and secretary. The president will supervise and conduct board meetings, develop agenda for meetings. The Vice President will perform duties and exercises all powers of the president when the president is absent or is otherwise unable to perform their duties. Treasurer will have charge and custody of all funds of this corporation, will deposit funds as required by the BOD and will keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of the HOF business transactions, will render reports to the BOD at each BOD meeting. Secretary will maintain records of agenda, meeting minutes and annual induction and be responsible for correspondence. All historical information will be passed on to next secretary to ensure continuity.​

Section III—Official Business and Quorum: A quorum for conducting business shall consist of a simple majority of the total voting members of the BOD.Section IV— Notice and regularity of Meetings: At least 1-week notice will be given to all BOD members for all scheduled meetings. The BOD shall meet at least three times per year to conduct business and engage in the selection process including the induction meeting. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed to ensure completion of work.​

Article VIQualification for WMRHOF

Section I—Individuals: Any individual who resided in WMass for a majority of the time they participated in the running community or continues to reside in WMass is eligible for nomination to the WMRHOF. Individual nominees may have been athletes, coaches, administrators, volunteers, media, or any similar position that have made significant contributions to the running community in Western Massachusetts.

Section II—Teams: A team who represented WMass is eligible for nomination. No team shall be ineligible because one or more of its members is otherwise ineligible for nomination as an individual athlete (for example if a team member does or did not reside in WMass but participated on a WMass team). Team inductions shall include team members and coaches.​

Article VII—Nomination and Selection Process

Section I—Nominations: The BOD shall consider nominations on an annual basis although there shall be no requirement that there must be any inductees in a year. Nominations may be made to the BOD or proposed by the BOD in a manner or on a form approved by the BOD and publicly available. BOD may nominate individuals or teams as well. Self-nominations are not permitted. All nominations may be made at least 90 days prior to the induction date or the nomination will be considered for the following year. The nomination form shall include the nominee’s name, and a list of accomplishments and credentials. All nominees and their accomplishments will be screened, vetted, and verified using old record books, newspaper, magazine clippings when possible to ensure authenticity.

Section II—Selection Process: Following nomination, nominee information will be reviewed by BOD and BOD will meet to review all nominees as a group. A majority vote of 2/3 of BOD is required for selection. Once selected, the inductees shall be announced electronically via the WMRHOF web platform and shall be honored at the annual induction ceremony hosted by the BOD and financed by ticket sales, corporate and team sponsorships, advertisements, and other ways determined by BOD.

Section III—Selection Criteria: Pending eligible nominees and selection, up to 10 inductees will be part of the inaugural class of the WMRHOF. In following years, no more than 6 members will be inducted per year.  If more than 6 worthy nominations are received and selected by the BOD, the chronological order of nomination will determine what 6 selected are inducted that year and subsequent inductees will be inducted the following year.​

Article VIII—Induction

Induction ceremony will be held annual, typically in the fall, at a location chosen by the BOD. It will be advertised on the WMHOF website, other social media platforms as determined appropriate by the BOD.

Article IX—Amendment of ByLaws

These bylaws may be amended, revised, or re-written at any time considered necessary by the BOD with a 2/3 majority vote of BOD.

Western Mass Runners' Hall of Fame
 Current Board Members


Brian Donoghue

Tim Gaudet

Kevin Pfau

Dawn Roberts

Don Towse

Sean Wandrei

Founding Board Members:

Rich Clark

Brian Goddu

Dave Reinhart

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