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Ric Bourie

Class of 2024

Longmeadow, MA

    1971 Western Mass, State & New England Cross-Country Champion 


    Ric Bourie never wanted to be a runner. He wanted to play football, but our mother wouldn’t allow it. He wasn’t very good at soccer. Joining Cathedral’s cross-country team in the Fall, 1968 was a last resort. And, he was a terrible runner.


    Paul Whitlock was Cathedral’s cross-country coach at the time. Coach Whitlock never cut anyone from the cross-country team. He almost made an exception with Ric. Ric was a slow and awkward runner in 1968. He always looked to be unhappy and uncomfortable when he ran. And, he kept working at it. 


    There was a glimmer of improvement during the Spring track season and the following cross-country season. More miles; more improvement. And, Ric kept working at it. 


    Ric led by example. He worked harder than everyone else. He always treated younger runners with respect and was always encouraging. He was elected captain.


    By the time Ric was a senior in 1971, he was a dominant high school cross-country runner. He won every dual meet race. He won the Western MA championship and led Cathedral to the team championship. The next Saturday, he won the State individual championship and led Cathedral to the first of three team championships. On the following weekend, Ric won the New England individual championship.


    Ric attended Lehigh University on a cross-country scholarship. He attended the University of Montana and graduated from Columbia University. He combined his love of journalism and the outdoors into a career as an adventure travel writer.


    While Ric battled cancer in 2005, he was the first cross-country runner inducted into Cathedral’s Sports Hall of Fame. He also connected with Cathedral’s cross-country team and inspired them in running and in life, as he had for many others.


    His message was simple: Work hard, act with dignity, and respect every person you meet.


    Ric died in 2006 at age 51.

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