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Rich Larsen

Class of 2024

Shelburne, MA

    Richard Larsen started running in the local racing and running scene in the mid-seventies in Northampton, occasionally hitting the Mount Tom trails with Fred Pilon, Nancy Conz, Don Grant and others. After numerous setbacks as a result of injuries, he dropped out of the scene for a while. Larsen returned at the age thirty-eight and was a founding member of a West County running group that has met on Sundays for over thirty four years. The group has led to lifelong friendships that are an integral part of his running story. Larsen spent many years frequenting the weekly races with his running gang. He has 13 age-group records at the Ashley Reservoir Empire One summer series (5k and 8k) and numerous records in the weekly Northampton and Springfield 5k series. Starting in his mid 50’s Larsen dipped his toes in the National 5k scene both in cross country and on the road, winning national titles at 55, 60, and 70 years old. 

    At age 65 Larsen found his niche in uphill-only Mountain running (thanks to the encouragement of Mark Staples. Some of his greatest achievements came late in his career as a mountain runner. He discovered that even when injured one can run uphill and that cycling is great cross training for mountain running. Larsen enjoys applying the science of running to put together the training puzzle to maximize performance. He also enjoys weighing in on the training of his running partners and coaching other athletes.  One of the highlights of his running career was his shattering the 70+ age group record on the Pikes Peak Ascent in 2022. Richard Larsen has been a great source of inspiration to masters runners in the area, showing us the outer limits of what is possible. 


    2007 Masters 5k Road Championship: 55-59 17:24 Saratoga, NY First Place

    2012 60 Masters 5k Road Championship:60-64 17:43, Syracuse, NY First Place

    Mount Washington Road Race,  65-69, 1:25 (age-group record)

    2017 Mount Washington Road Race, 70-74, 1:25, (age-group record)

    2022 Pikes Peak Ascent, 2022:  70-74, 3:29, (age-group record)

    2022 Masters Road 5k Championship, 70-74: 19:31, Atlanta, GA First Place

    2018 Loon Mountain National Mountain  Championship First place 65_69

    2022 Loon Mountain National Mountain Championship  First place 70-74

    2022 USATF Indoor Track Masters Championship Second Place in Mile 5:49 70-74 division

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